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“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Independent Travel

Uniquely Customized Itineraries
Tailored to your personal interests & preferences

Renaissance Journeys tours are tailored for each individual traveler. So whether you’re part of a university alumni program, a member benefits tour, or you’d like a Renaissance Journeys tour all your own, your tour will be designed with only you in mind…

Design Your Journey
Renaissance Journeys understands that a tour should be as unique and distinctive as you are. Just let us know what it is that inspires you most, and we will design a tour to open up that world…

Choose Your Signature Experiences
Renaissance Journeys specializes in the unforgettable. Go deeper -- with exclusive access to experts who share your passion; private tours of those sites you most want to have to yourself; and those sublime moments that elevate a trip from standard to exceptional; -- for a deeper cultural connection that most travelers only dream of experiencing.

Custom Fit Your Ideal Itinerary
Renaissance Journeys Tours are designed to include plenty of free, unstructured time that you can use to tailor your tour even further. Make every minute of your trip exactly how you want it by adding excursions designed just for you. And Renaissance Journeys will make all the arrangements for you, creating your own completely customized and unique tour plan.

Lavish in Ultra-Luxury Travel
From 5-star luxury accommodations, to special access and signature experiences, and the lavish attention of a full onsite touring staff, Renaissance Journeys reflects a standard of luxury to please the most discerning traveler.

There is no end to the possibilities for your ideal tour experience.

For those traveling with member benefits programs:

Contact Us for a list of tours offered through your organization.

For those traveling with university alumni programs:

bullet.Contact Us or your university alumni department for more information on tours and a full brochure.

For those traveling with a close group of family of friends:

bullet.Contact Us today to have your ideal trip experience fulfilled.


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