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Original Tour Designs for Cultural Organizations & Universities

Renaissance Journeys offers original tour designs developed exclusively for your organization:

Highly-Specialized & Original Itineraries
That Reflect your Distinct Message
& Expand your Relationship with Valued Members

Renaissance Journeys understands what it takes to make your trip
Unique Bullet. Motivating Bullet. Memorable

With services ranging from Original Concept Development To Seamless Execution, Renaissance Journeys will work with you to design the ideal tour programming for your valued donors.

Original Concepts & Customized Itineraries Created Exclusively for Your Organization:
Renaissance Journeys understands that travel programs are an extension of your organization and we will work with you to develop unique and compelling itineraries that will enhance your organization’s image and reflect the distinctive nature of your message.

Our itineraries can focus on any range of subjects and destinations to offer a deeper understanding and more in-depth experience of those specialties that define your organization.  And because Renaissance Journeys’ tours are original and exclusive, you will know that your members will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience extending your relationship and strengthening donor loyalty.

Tour Development to Fit Your Strategies and Expand Your Programming:
Renaissance Journeys has worked with universities and cultural organizations at all stages of travel programming development, whether you have not yet explored the benefits of a member travel program, or you’re searching for truly special and unique offerings to attract your most valued members to your existing travel program.  

Renaissance Journeys will work with you to build the most effective plan for your organization’s specific goals, ensuring a customized travel program that will inspire your most important members, while expanding your message, strengthening donor loyalty, and adding an incremental revenue source.

Signature Experiences That Enhance Your Organization’s Image
Renaissance Journeys understands that a well-executed tour is only the beginning.  Through our Signature Experiences you can elevate a trip from standard to unforgettable with one-of-a-kind events and encounters that your members cannot possibly dream of enjoying on their own:  preferred seating for exclusive events; insider access to areas and sites that are off-limits to the public; engagements with local experts, scholars, curators & representatives of those institutions that best reflect your organization’s unique message. Through our vast network of contacts and expertise in event design, there is no end of experiences we can fulfill for your members.

And to ensure that your tour is perfect on every level, Renaissance Journeys will think of every detail: special arrangements outside the itinerary so that you can focus your time with individuals within the tour group; in-room amenities to enhance your guests’ stay; mementoes that will extend the impression of the tour long after the flight home.   

Renaissance Journeys will tailor Signature Experiences and special touches to fulfill the ideal experience as a reflection of your organization’s image.   

Customization on an Individual Level for your Members
Not only are Renaissance Journeys’ tours customized and exclusive to your organization, but within each tour, that level of customization is extended to each and every member of your group. 

Our tours are small and intimate, allowing for plenty of free time so that each member can make the trip their own.  And because Renaissance Journeys understands the importance of fulfilling each traveler’s ideal, we offer our exclusive Consultation Services so that free time can be tailored on an individual basis, creating a completely customized and unique plan for each traveler. 

Guests can choose from a suggested list of activities, or can have one developed exclusively for them. Renaissance Journeys then makes all the arrangements so that your guests can relax and enjoy their own individualized tour, ensuring an ideal tour plan for all.

Ultra-Luxury Travel that Reflects Your Organization’s Image:

Renaissance Journeys’ commitment to luxury is reflected in all aspects of our tours:  from our luxury accommodations ensuring the highest standards no matter the destination; to our events offering access to spaces and sites off-limits to the general public, to the lavish attention afforded each member of your group with an unprecedented onsite passenger-to-staff ratio.

And with our consultation services before the trip and our full onsite staff throughout the tour, your guests will have round-the-clock, up-to-the-minute attention to every detail of their travel experience for ultra luxury that reflects your organization’s image and impresses your most important members.

Communication that Respects the Importance of Your Relationships with Valued Members: 
Renaissance Journeys understands the importance of your relationship with valued members and donors. We also recognize that each tour brings with it an inordinate amount of coordination and planning, adding incremental management responsibility to your already overloaded schedule.  We will take the logistics and details off your plate, providing the exceptional level of service your members have come to expect. 

Through every point of communication, from our consultation services before the trip to our onsite management during the tour, Renaissance Journeys provides lavish focus and attention to each individual traveler, ensuring that everyone involved has their ideal tour fulfilled while providing an unforgettable travel experience that solidifies their loyalty to your organization. 

Flawless Pre-Tour & Onsite Execution, Without Burdening Your Administration:

Renaissance Journeys understands that even the most minor details of a travel program are hugely important, especially when a travel program represents your organization to valued members and donors.  And so we will manage your tour from the biggest events to the smallest details. 

Renaissance Journeys will bring our expertise in affiliate travel to help you design the most engaging and effective trip for your members, making sure all the elements are in place to fulfill your ideal program.  And then we will manage your tour from start to finish, with our knowledgeable and professional staff working behind the scenes, seeing to every detail and able to work with up-to-the-minute needs or additions, to ensure that your program runs flawlessly.

Renaissance Journeys will see to all the details so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Pricing & Revenue Levels Tailored to Your Organization’s Goals:

For a travel program to be effective, it has to target the right member level with the appropriate price point.  Renaissance Journeys has helped other organizations to identify new target groups and increase revenue with exclusive new, high-level itineraries more appropriate for their highest donor levels, contributing a strong addition to donor benefits and affording your organization valuable time with important members.

And by working with you from the earliest stages of program development, Renaissance Journeys can help you build the right program to attract your members with events and experiences that fulfill a once-in-a-lifetime experience only available through program membership with your organization.

Renaissance Journeys’ fees are built into the program costs, with a small reserve fee billed to your organization and refunded at the successful completion of the program.  The revenue/royalty amount added to the program is designated by your organization and geared to the level of your revenue goals.  And as our tour itineraries are completely customized and exclusive to your organization, we can help you build a program to the level that suits your members best.

With Renaissance Journeys’ years of experience, we will work with you to build the right mix of unique itineraries and exclusive experiences to reach and inspire your most important members and donors.

Let Renaissance Journeys help you present the ideal program to entice and motivate your most valued members.

To get in touch with a Renaissance Journeys representative and start your journey, please Contact Us.

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