coporate programs/incentives for wine and spirits.


 “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

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Travel Programs for the Wine & Spirits Industry

Whether you are:

bullet. Incentivizing your distributor salesforce to bring in the goals bullet.

bullet. Rewarding outstanding achievement for industry-wide gains bullet.

bullet. Planning an educational trip to solidify brand knowledge & loyalty bullet.

bullet. Organizing a conference to bring key players together bullet.


Renaissance Journeys understands what it takes to make your trip
Unique bullet. Motivating bullet. Memorable

With services ranging from Original Concept Development to Seamless Execution

There is no single program that works harder to motivate your salesforce & solidify lasting loyalty to your brands than an Incentive/Education Trip.

With years of marketing experience in the wine & spirits industry, Founder and President Maria Puma has invaluable expertise in planning corporate events, incentives, and educational trips geared to the specialized needs and goals of the wine & spirits business.


Concept Development Specifically Geared to the Wine & Spirits Industry:
Proven track records to efficiently and effectively ensure the success of your program…

Renaissance Journeys understands the unique goals and challenges involved in designing travel programs for the wine & spirits industry: from understanding what key areas to incentivize in order to motivate your sales and distribution network; to inspiring colleagues in a corporate meeting; to developing an educational trip that positively impacts your team and forms a more lasting relationship with your brands.

We will work with you from the initial stages of development to design a program that will effectively deliver your goals. With our firsthand experience in the industry, we can even consult with you on those programs and motivators with proven track records to efficiently and effectively ensure the success of your program.


Communication/Firsthand Relationships in the Industry:
Facilitating the process and streamlining your communication needs…

Renaissance Journeys understands the importance of relationships in the wine & spirits industry and the critical role of communication in maintaining those relationships while delivering your brand message.

And because of Renaissance Journeys’ firsthand knowledge and experience in the industry, we’ve executed countless programs with a dedicated focus on seamless dialogue with distributors. In many cases, we already enjoy strong relationships with those organizations you are trying to reach with your programming, facilitating the process and streamlining your communication needs.

Renaissance Journeys knows that group programs have an inordinate amount of coordination and planning, adding incremental management responsibility to your already overloaded schedule. We will take the logistics and details off your plate, working closely and directly with each participant of your program to ensure that everyone involved is up-to-date with program logistics and progress. And Renaissance Journeys will provide the attention to detail and proper focus on individual travel plans to make the trip a lasting experience for each valued member of your organization.


Flawless Execution:
The most effective trip to fulfill your company goals…

Renaissance Journeys understands that even the most minor details of a travel program are hugely important, especially when a travel program represents your high-end luxury brands. And so we will manage your tour from the biggest events to the smallest details.

Renaissance Journeys will bring our expertise in corporate events to help you design the most effective trip for your company goals, making sure all the elements are in place to fulfill your ideal program. And then we will manage that event from start to finish, with our knowledgeable and professional staff working behind the scenes, seeing to every detail and able to work with up-to-the-minute needs or additions, to ensure that your program runs flawlessly.

Renaissance Journeys will see to all the details so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.


Signature Experiences Exclusive to Your Brand:
No end of possibilities for new and unique programs to impress even the most veteran colleague…

After years of marketing experience in the wine & spirits industry, Renaissance Journeys recognizes the importance of your brand image. And with Renaissance Journeys’ exclusive Signature Experiences, we excel in designing original and unique programs that will reflect your brand and distinguish it through dedicated, on-strategy events that are exclusive to your company.

Renaissance Journeys also has firsthand knowledge of how well-traveled and experienced your salesforce and distributor network are and how difficult it is to impress them. With years in the industry, it might seem as if there are no new ideas or experiences to appropriately motivate your team. But with Renaissance Journeys’ expertise in fully customized signature events, there is no end of possibilities for new and unique programs to impress even the most veteran colleague: preferred tee times at the most sought-after courses; encounters with local experts, artisans, chefs; insider access to areas and sites that are off-limits to the public…

Renaissance Journeys’ Signature Experiences will elevate your trip from standard to unforgettable while reflecting your unique brand image and delivering your company goals.


Maximize your budget dollars while providing the right impact to bring in your goals…

Renaissance Journeys appreciates the need for your business to host events that maximize your budget dollars while providing the right impact to bring in your goals.

With years of experience planning wine & spirits incentives, Renaissance Journeys will work with you every step of the way to design programming with “WOW” factor that clearly reflects the company message, while incentivizing company growth and longterm benefit.

Staying on budget is as important to Renaissance Journeys as it is to your company, and we will make sure to get the most out of each dollar you spend, with thoughtful suggestions on where you can save, and what areas are truly worthy of additional spending; all geared to get the most out of your program and your budget.


Uniquely Customized, Ultra-Luxury Travel:
Experiences that will reflect your company’s image and impress your corporate partners…

With Renaissance Journeys’ commitment to luxury, you will be ensured accommodations, event spaces, and experiences that will reflect your company’s image and impress your corporate partners.

And with Renaissance Journeys’ fully customized travel services, each member of your group will be a VIP, with individual attention to personal travel preferences, and onsite, personal attention to every detail of the trip.

For those cases when spouses and partners are invited on the trip, Renaissance Journeys will lavish them with personal attention and see to it that they are entertained while you’re getting critical work done.

Let Renaissance Journeys help you deliver the ideal wine & spirits program to impact your business.

To get in touch with a Renaissance Journeys representative and start your journey, please Contact Us.


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